Take control of Haiku, the Baby Robot, collect battery-packs and bring them to the central battery to stop the machine world from corrupting.


  • WASD or Arrows to move
  • And space bar to jump

Known issues (edited):

  • The end timer looks horribly pixelated
  • There might be an issue with finishing the game at the exact same time as dying. I thought I fixed it but I guess it's still broken :D

How it fits into the jam theme:

  • The theme was "failure is progress". I decided to make a small exploration game where you die every 10 seconds but keep your progress. At the beginning you only have enough time to collect a few items and unlock a few doors, but as the game continues you can unlock more battery-packs which gives you more and more time to explore.

Haiku, the Robot - my main project

Currently, I am developing Haiku, the Robot full-time (the real game!). It's a cute robot Metroidvania game set in a post-apocalyptic world of machinery. It is a much larger game than the jam game and it features more traditional Metroidvania elements. If you enjoyed this jam game, make sure to check out the real deal on Steam:


  • All visuals, animations, and code was made during the jam. Only a few lines of code were reused from other projects.
  • All music and sound effects were from freesound.org.
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorMister Morris
Made withUnity
TagsExploration, Metroidvania, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Unity


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Can you say name of jam ,please?
And yes, I wanted "Haiku" in steam before I saw this game!
Please develope faster, I think what it will be very cool game.
P.S. Can you say cost of game?


this is a really nice game I enjoy the metroidvania style gameplay and am excited to see where this goes


4th to 2:08, 2nd verified. the grind to 2:07 begins



definitely goin on my steam wishlist xd

(1 edit)

Nice game. I suggest adding something so you can press R to die instantly, so when you get an upgrade or get lost and don't have time to do anything else you can just immediately go back to the start.

epic game super FUN!

Awesome game. I really enjoyed!! Nice spriteart and gameplay. 


So this is a jam game based on a Steam release you're making I assume? Nice. :D


Haha yea, already making a prequel before the main game is released :D the theme was just too tempting!

short and intuitive, i just wish i could shoot the enemies myself.

i got a 2:37 :>

Ah yes.


Ah yes. I think I might just leave it as lore

Thank you.

i think its really fun! my only problems were that sometimes its pretty confusing wut u need to do and the double jumps are really hard to pull off. all the rest and altogether i really liked this game!

Cute game and so pollished, congrats! Really enjoy your take on the jam with this metroidvania.

Wow amazing! so much fast paced and action packed, well done for doing everything in 3 days! good luck for jam!

Very fun game, the music and the art are great and the idea is original.

A little bug however, when you go from a part to an other while dying, the game's screen becomes black, and returns to normal only on transitions...

An interesting little bug indeed! It will need some investigating - thanks for sharing!

This is a pretty amazing game, it gives me vibes of Minit with permanent upgrades and dying quickly. I liked the new idea of extending the time instead of always being fixed but It would have been awesome if it is more utilized like paths that are too long without these upgrades because when I have the 2 or more extensions, It was not that much required :)

Overall great game for the jam :) I think it is a great idea to expand on :)

The game doesn't work for me. it loads and everything, but when I try to use any of the controls nothing happens. Tried on Chrome and Firefox, same issue :/


Sometimes you need to click on the iframe in order for it to work. I've tested it on multiple computers/browsers now and it seems all okay. Could you try clearing cache or in incognito mode? This might help :)