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Woo First try!

Great game


As an RNG element/DND fan, this is a lot of fun to play when I have a free 15 minutes.  So much so, I created a review of it!

ok do not change arc.  it is necessary to complete the game since i tried beating the game without my arc going above 0 and i couldn't beat it

Amazing game. Simple but cool. Like it a lot.

Made a video

dex and arc is slightly too overpowered maybe make those types of items that give you dex and arc a bit less or less items like that

Visuals on this game look so good


Very good game, visuals are excellent, i didn't know what Str/Dex/Arc/Wis does, but there's a helpful tooltip when i hover over it, nice touch.

I'm sad to hear you weren't able to finish before the deadline : (

great game, shame how easy it is to break it completely tho

this is absolutely amazing! fantastic art style! and gameplay too



It feels very satisfying to see how the bosses become regular enemies after a while.

Also, that aesthetic is great :D 

Looks and plays really great! One small question: do you twist RNG a bit, to get higher numbers?

For the most part, no! But there are two items that do change the RNG from 1-20 to 6-20 and then to 13-20. That's the only manipulating that happens. The rest is based on the stats you level up! :D

Neeeat! Thanks for the answer!