Small fixes and improvements

Hey everyone!

I implemented a few small fixes and improvements based off your feedback.

Small fixes:

  • Enemies can no longer enter the tubes, so no more surprises.
  • Haiku's jump animation no longer plays when standing at the edge of a platform.
  • Screw enemies no longer gets stuck on the edge of platforms. (Still need to look into it sticking to walls issue).
  • Boss no longer becomes invincible when dealing the killing blow as soon as it starts its swing animation. (I hope).
  • Boss phase two trigger has been adjusted slightly. It now triggers at 1/2 health remaining and not 1/3.

Small improvements:

  • Slightly better visual feedback when hitting an enemy. Enemies now flash white when taking damage.

Main improvements that are still on the list:

  • Revisit camera movement, and smooth transitions between moving left and right.
  • Add audio feedback to damaging enemies.
  • Pause menu lol.
  • Map and other stuff which I'll leave for the final game.

Thank you everyone who has played the demo! I really appreciate it!

If you like what you see then please consider backing me on Kickstarter:

And I would appreciate if you would share it with a friend who might like the game :D Thanks!

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10 days ago

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