A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is the Kickstarter DEMO only!

Since the Kickstarter campaign finished, the game has progressed drastically - a lot of the issues in this demo have been fixed. Unfortunately, in the interest of time, I cannot maintain this demo so please be mindful that you are playing a very old build with all the fun bugs and stuff.

Here's the Kickstarter project if you want to check that out: www.kickstarter.com/projects/haiku-the-robot/haiku-the-robot

Also, please note the following:

  • this is a condensed version of the game.
  • you only have access to one area of the game (the garbage area) and all the abilities that were developed at the time have been squeezed into this one area. 
  • also, there is no map in this demo, however, the final game will have a map available to the player.

About the game

Haiku, the Robot is a Metroidvania set in a post-apocalyptic world of virus-infected robots and machinery. Enter a strange and unexplored land, discover different items and abilities to uncover new areas and secrets.

Controls (keyboard)

  • Arrows - Movement
  • Space - Jump/double jump
  • Down - Interact
  • Q - Attack
  • W - Dash (being fixed - demo curse)
  • E - Roll
  • R - Bomb

Controls (Xbox one)

  • Left joystick - Movement
  • A - Jump/double jump
  • Down - Interact
  • X - Attack
  • RT - Dash (being fixed - demo curse)
  • Y - Roll
  • B - Bomb

(PS4 controller support coming soon, but you can try and see if it works, I don't currently own a PS4 controller to test it)

In the final game, you will have the ability to swap controller buttons/schemes!

Thank you!


WindowsAlphaBuild0.8.zip 78 MB
MacAlphaBuild0.8.zip 77 MB

Development log


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Absolutely fantastic sound design. I might buy this game for that alone...

I just realized the developer's name is also Jordan... so I'm 100% buying this when it comes out lol. I'm super excited for this!

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Can you put a  control changing option in a demo update or the full game? Cause my right arrow button is broken: it can't be click as the same time as left arrow, down arrow and space. Which make me not able to  do most of the platforming in the game ;-;. I'll be REALLY greatfull if you can do it for me!

I don't know is this is an intentional skip, but you can skip the boss pretty easily by just rolling and jumping to the right on that one platform where a boulder is falling on it. I couldn't figure out the actual path to the boss or else I would've still tried beating him.

Want to see how this initial demo plays? I played it for the itch io vault: 

If you are interested in how much this game has evolved since this demo, here is a video of the beta: 

pretty good!, the game is very nice to look at and reminded me a lot to hollow knight which is a game that I love

to my steam wishlist!

Nice demo.  Controls are tight and responsive and the sounds and background music give it a great feel.  

Some constructive feedback:

  1. It would be nice to have a different sound when you hit an enemy and not just when they explode
  2. Also it would be nice to have at least one enemy that can be destroyed with one hit as it gets a bit tedious to strike all the enemies multiple times
  3. Some way to gain incremental health would be nice rather than just waiting for a bit dump from an enemy or the heal spot.
  4. The bomb reload time is way too long.
  5. It would be nice to have the final hit on the boss provide some more feedback as it didn't really feel like you had delivered the final killer blow.

Other than I can't wait for the final game.  Good job.

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i like how you can skip the boss if you took that path in the room before getting the roll that looks like a snail xD

idk when i saw it before getting it i think i thought that it is a snail

also cool game and controls and good luck making it :thumbsup that won't work:

so i realized that the demo is condensed yet i still hope that you would be able to skip the boss in a way or another in the final game because the skip takes the roll

Congratulations, good job you managed to make a captivating game.

Improvement Suggestion:
By pressing the "R" button command:

The 40-second interval between the explosions is very long. Decrease to a minimum of 10 seconds and a maximum of 15 seconds. Do not exceed 15 seconds, because it is frustrating to wait, the player of your game will be dissatisfied and give up playing. Because there is no reward for waiting 40 seconds. Waiting 40 seconds is a punishment. Generating punishment for the player for having to wait 40 seconds to use the "R" command is too frustrating. Waiting 40 seconds made me give up playing.

In addition to the explosion, put a animation of dust and smoke on the character so you don't need to set the timer for the next explosion in the HUD, because when the animation of dust and smoke ends, the character can explode again, this way the animation of dust and smoke. it will be the timer and the player will not need to look at the HUD. Because watching the timer on the HUD creates distraction for the player. So it's interesting to create an animation on the character to be the timer.

Congratulations! Success with your game!

I got stuck in this hole! I couldn't get out and stopped playing.
You need to teach the player how to get out of this hole. You need to teach the player how to jump when he is in the shape of a sphere.
The bomb explosion made with the button "R" could generate a jump when it is in the form of a sphere.

idk i just jumped and then rolled xD


reminded me of kunai some what all being robots and yes i do agreed whit the npc did needed a map here is my run no boss damage i took hope to see more boss battles 

i noticed that there isn't a map when the npc said it xD

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 Hey.  Just a question, what engine was the game made in? Edit: I saw your other games and they had the Unity logo and made in WebGL, so probably Unity. Cool! I use Unity too.


Great Game, only problem is that it does not save but other than that, Great!


Hii! I played it too and the save is the "heal" machine


Very nicely done, love the simple but effective effects!


This was a super fun demo! I absolutely love metroidvanias and this reminded me of some of my favorites (Hollow Knight, Gato Roboto, etc.) I really like the post-apocalyptic world taken over by robots setting, and the game feels great to play. Props to the developer, can't wait to see more!

Loving it! The "Feedback" Button brought me to 404-land so I'll drop my 2cents here regarding SOUND: Wonderful sound design in general but for my taste I don't get enough JUICE when you hit an enemy! Hitting an enemy should really go CLONK!!! :) But as I said, I'm loving it!

Loving the demo so far. Found one spot where I got trapped and couldn't jump out. I hit ESC for the menu but it exited the game. Maybe add controller support for the start menu and add an option to exit the game from there? :-)

Hey, just played through the Mac version. Really great stuff here! Visuals are consistent throughout. I played on a controller and the controls were intuitive and spot-on. I never felt cheated if I got hit. I knew it was my fault. The atmosphere of the game is great as well, the color-palette is very unique and attractive. 

The one thing I was provide feedback on is the sound-design. Most of it is perfect. Perfect. But there are a few sounds that don't seem to fit, like when Haiku lands. It doesn't fit the rest of his SFX. I also feel that hitting/destroying enemies could have a punchier SFX. 

This is why we release demos, feedback! Of course, you should be really proud. It's going to be a great final game, and I wish you all the success possible. Thanks for making that MAC version work!

Great Platformer! It is in my Top 5 of this week!

Check my video! 

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Really great stuff here!  I love the feel of the roll, and it being a bit faster than not rolling is going to make this a blast to speedrun.  Some feedback:

Xbox 360 controller is also working just fine.

The checkpoint (health station) is just bit far from the boss, but that's probably a matter of preference / difficulty tuning.

The jump+roll maneuver that's needed to get out of a couple of spots is a bit tough to pull off with the default control mapping of A+Y without either also hitting X, which takes you out of the roll, or hitting B, which wastes your bomb.  I'd probably put roll or bomb on a trigger or bumper button to avoid this.  I assume that eventually the controls will be remappable so this won't be an issue, but I'd still consider changing the defaults.  Of course, another possibility is that level design in the final game would make this maneuver completely optional, granting access to sequence breaks or secret areas or something.

There is a strange inconsistency to double jumping out of a roll mid-air.  What I think is happening is that if you jump out of a roll mid-air, you can double jump with a specific timing just before the peak of your first jump.  Double-jumping from ground works at any point in the arc of the first jump.  I like this maneuver and hope you don't consider it a bug :)

The main menu is not controllable via controller.

The 'feedback' link from the main menu is a broken link.


Any chance for a native Linux version as well? Considering that it鈥檚 in Unity and already runs on both Windows and MacOS it shouldn鈥檛 need more work than simply exporting it accordingly.


I loved it but I also hated it... I was hyped but I was also annoyed by it.. 

I love the design, the soundtracks, the gameplay itself is so frickin' good! I don't know what  to say to be honest. but all I know is that, this is an excellent 2d platforming game! 

Is it going to be more skins in the game appart from the original and the kick starter one?

Hey! Apart from the original, the green Kickstarter skin will be the only alternative skin in the game.



Congrats!! The demo was amazing! I love the bossfight and the little secrets that were in everywhere, i am going to contribute in the kickstarter :).

I liked it! I was able to skip the boss and finish the demo without beating it, I don't know if that was intented.
I really enjoyed the player movement/ feel how did you get it to feel like that?

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The game is pretty great, the inspiration from hollow knight and other metroidvanias is notorious but not too much giving it it's own identity, but i still have a couple of complains and things to say. Many of this things may be already added but i'm using as reference the demo, first there's no pause button which really bothers me, there's no way to change controls and i don't quite like using the arrows to move, there's also what i suppose is a bug where the walking animation doesn't stop inmediately when you stop moving which seems off, and the lack of parallax is kinda wierd but that's just a nitpick. I think those are my biggest problems, the game is really promising and i wish you the best of lucks!

I saw a couple updates for this game on the feed. What's new? Any logs about the updates would be nice.


Thank you! I didn't realize you got updates, so I made a short devlog for you with all the fixes and improvements :D

Great game, especially since I am a big fan of Hollow Knight. My only problem with this game is that it is possible to get soft locked in one of the later rooms. 

Did you roll in into the soft locked area? If so, you should be able to jump and then roll out. If this is not the place then please post a screenshot so I can get a better idea of which area you are referring to. Thanks!

Thanks for the advice! Guess I鈥檓 just not skilled enough to beat the environment :)

good luck guys!


I played through the whole demo and these are my issues with the game so far divided into two categories (necessary fixes and opinions) :

Necessary Fixes

1. There are really noticeable frame-rate dips and I assume this will be fixed but I'll comment it anyway.

2. Enemies can go into the teleportation pipe which makes it almost impossible to retrieve rewards for killing enemies. You should make it so that they just bounce off of them as if they were walls.

3. There is an invisible block in one part of the level that should be removed.

4. You shouldn't be able to heal while rolling. It should change your character into stand-up mode if you enter the checkpoint while rolling.

5. Some enemies (specifically the bolt I noticed) got stuck on ledges and walls.

6. There should be a pause button (there might be one already but every time I tried to click escape it closed the game tab down).

7. I know the carrot NPC already talked about it but there should definitely be a map.


1. There should definitely be better background music like in Hollow Knight. The stuff you have now is sort of just ambiance and I think it would be a lot better if you had music to accompany it or replace it altogether.

2. The bomb circle should still be pixelated when it is refreshing. It looks pixel art but then it gets chopped into minuscule pieces like a normal circle which doesn't look right.

3. When you hold down both arrow keys at the same time his sprite should stay still instead of running or rolling in place.

4. You should be able to change your key bindings among other common settings in video games.

5. The bosses should have names, and if you're okay with it, I think that having health bars would be really good as well.

These are all of the main problems I noticed with the game, but overall, it's really fun and I can't wait to get it! Thank you for making this game and I really hope that even if you don't hit your fundraising goal that you still decide to complete the game.



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Nice Demo!

I liked the environment and sound design.

mechanics felt good and combat was nice, although I feel the bomb timer took a bit too long to refresh. 

I personally would've liked more of an indicator on when an enemy was struck, maybe I missed it in the sword animation or maybe the sound was just too quiet for me to hear, but I did find myself guessing  "did I hit that thing or not" a bit too often for my liking.  

finally I'd like to bring your attention to this skip I discovered: by jumping and rolling in midair from the platform on the right in the image you can make it to this ledge (I think this is caused by the extra speed the roll gives you even in midair? which is a cool mechanic! but probably not as intended)

which results in me completely missing the boss fight the first time around and unlocking the double jump early. 

Overall I really enjoyed playing through it and can't wait to see how the game evolves over time. goodluck and all the best with the kickstarter!

This is a really fun demo, and I'm glad I found the KS for this project on time to back. This looks very promising.I do wonder if the gray foreground isn't overshadowing the colored backgrounds too much (making it a bit samey. Basing the other colors off the trailer and KS page), but overall it looks nice and plays well!

Awesome demo, but there are many glitches: for one, the hammer enemy is very glitched, as it can get stuck on the edge of a platform or in a wall. I can also talk to npcs while jumping, leaving me in midair while talking to them. The boss hurts you in its death animation, so... That was bad. Finally, this isn't really a glitch, but I think the healing could be timed, instead of waiting for an enemy to randomly drop health. Other than that, great demo, and I hope the rest of development goes well!

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It's a fun and cool game to play. I really love the rolling ability, and the first boss fight was great, took me seven tries to defeat the boss. The map of the game feels intuitive as I kind of know where I should go next. Good game.

This game is great, it's an interesting thing to play, great job.

It doesn't open on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.4


Hey! I just uploaded a new version, could you try refreshing the page and downloading it again? Please let me know how it goes, thanks :D

It works! Thank you for the update :)

Wow, this demo is amazing! The gameplay so far feels really nice and I can't wait to see how the full game would play =D

The level design feels pretty nice and I didn't really find myself getting lost (aside from a few times where I found myself looking for where I had to go next). The enemy designs look really great and the idea of the little mechanical enemies works really well in the world

The boss fight, despite some slight issues, is pretty fun and unique. The sound effect for it are a tad loud, and I feel like it wasn't as quickly understandable that you can jump over it

I think it's worth mentioning (though the level layout is likely to change) that it's possible to actually get the double jump before defeating the boss. In the room right before you get the roll ability, you can roll to give yourself enough speed to reach the area on the left, which can let you get it early


Heey loved the game!!

Will you make a Linux version?


I really loved it! Someone else already mentioned it, but key config would be nice! 

The music during the first boss fight may be a little too loud (I didn't notice while playing, due to all of the stress) I realized while editing my gameplay. Maybe some of the footage from my video can help you get in the mind of a player!

I am blown away, and can't wait for more


Thanks dude! I really liked the video! :D

Yeeeeea... I decided not to bother with key config because I tried to cut scope for the demo and focus on polish. Now I see that it was a bit of a double-edged sword. Because of the level of polish, people now expect these little (but important) things to be implemented as well haha

Thanks for playing and thank you for recording it! I appreciate it!

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